Accessing data using UKDS.Stat

UKDS.Stat is available from:

The majority of international macrodata* available via UKDS.Stat are only accessible to users from a UK university or college.

To access these data you should note the following:

  • you will need to be registered with the UK Data Service
  • when you have selected a dataset you will be asked to log in, and then agree to dataset specific special conditions. These will be presented to you onscreen and you will need to accept them to continue
  • it is only necessary to agree to these conditions once. To access the data in future sessions you will only need your username and password

 *The World Bank datasets on UKDS.Stat are freely available to all without authentication or registration.

Video tutorial

Creating an Intensity Map using UKDS.Stat and Google Fusion Tables

View our video tutorial showing you how to create an intensity map (also known as a choropleth or thematic map) using UKDS.stat and Google Fusion Tables using some example country level data from the World Bank - World Development Indicators.

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