Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RDJ)

The RDJ is published by an open access peer reviewed e-only journal that documents deposited datasets through the publication of data papers. It is run by Brill publishers and the Netherlands Data Service (DANS).

The data journal concentrates on the Social Sciences and the Humanities, covering history, archaeology, language and literature in particular. Publication languages are English and Dutch.

Louise Corti at the UK Data Archive is the editor of the Social Science Section.

What is a data paper?

Data papers are scholarly publications of medium length containing a non-technical description of a dataset. They put the data in a research context and offer a behind the scenes glimpse at how the data were gathered and constructed.

Rather than focus on research conclusions they do provide space for concluding remarks on key findings and also what potential the data might offer future users.

What about the data?

Data needs to be FAIR and deposited in a certified trusted repository, with a DOI, such as in the UK Data Service or DANS.

How to submit

Researchers can submit their data paper in the Research Data Journal via the website: Each submission will be peer reviewed - both the paper and the underlying dataset to assess suitability for publishing.

Authors are requested to create infographics and images that bring the data to life. Once published the data paper itself gets a persistent identifier providing publication credit to the author.

An attractive addition is the companion Data Exhibit feature that offers enhanced visualisation of the paper:

Example papers from the social sciences

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