Secure Lab - Output release check

This form is only for users of the UK Data Service Secure Lab to submit a request for an output to be checked.

Please allow three working days to receive a response which could be one of:

  • a confirmation that the outputs resemble ‘final outputs’ and are not disclosive, with the requested material attached
  • a rejection of the output request, with clear reasons why the output cannot be released and (where possible) suggestions for improvement
  • an email or telephone query about the output
  • a reason why the output cannot be returned within three working days

 Before making your request, please consider the following:

  • we only release outputs that are suitable for draft or final publication/presentation; results should therefore be readily understandable and fully-labelled
  • allow yourself 24 hours between finishing an output and submitting this form
  • if you make changes to an output that is already being checked, your output release will be delayed by seven days
  • we do not release MS Excel files for data security reasons

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