Data management planning for ESRC researchers

Data management plan
ESRC data policy

The ESRC research data policy recognises research data as the main assets of economic and social research and expects data generated through ESRC-funded research to be openly available and accessible for secondary scientific research, with as few restrictions as possible, in a timely and responsible manner.

The policy consists of nine core principles that align with the UKRI Common Principles on Data Policy, with guidelines for their implementation, and outlines the specific roles and responsibilities of researchers, institutions, the ESRC and its data service providers.

ESRC requires a data management plan for all research grant applications generating data, as part of the Je-S application. A robust plan will ensure a structured approach to managing data from early in the research process, resulting in better quality data that are ready to deposit for further reuse and sharing. We provide guidance on research data management planning.

ESRC has a longstanding arrangement with the UK Data Archive as a place for deposit of research data, with grant holders required to submit data resulting from their research grants via the UK Data Service ReShare repository. We enable data reuse by preserving data and making them available to the research and teaching communities.

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