Analysing migration flows using the IMAGE studio workshop

19 - 20 November 2015
School of Geography, University of Leeds

This international workshop aims to provide hands on training in the use of the IMAGE Studio.

The IMAGE Studio is a bespoke software system that has been developed for the analysis of internal migration data, focusing specifically on matrices of origin-destination migration flows. The Studio was created as part of the IMAGE project, an international collaborative research program funded by the Australian Research Council, which aimed to develop a robust framework for comparing internal migration between countries around the world.

Key features of Studio include:

  • a suite of standard statistical indicators of internal migration capturing migration intensity, impact on the settlement system, distance and inter-regional connectivity
  • a spatial interaction model that measures the friction of distance
  • a facility to generate flexible geographies to address key methodological issues including the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem (MAUP)

The IMAGE Studio has been used to make comparisons of internal migration in a large number of countries, and is now being made available as a new resource to the academic community worldwide. Possible applications include:

  • computing robust measures of migration for individual countries, or groups of countries
  • comparing migration among sub-populations (e.g. by age or ethnicity) within a country
  • exploring the impacts of scale and zonation on migration measures (the MAUP)

This workshop will provide:

  • An overview of the IMAGE project including the Inventory and Repository
  • A systematic explanation of the structure of the Studio and its data requirements
  • Advice on running the Studio and a guide to its options
  • A review of UK Census origin-destination migration flow data available, its online access and its analysis using the Studio

Participants are encouraged to bring their own migration data to the workshop for use with the Studio.