Ethical reuse of qualitative data

All the data used here are available from the UK Data Service.

Under standard conditions for accessing data held by the UK Data Service, users must register and sign an End User Licence specifying the terms and conditions of reuse. For this interview resource, different permissions were necessary as the materials are available via the web and other media without requiring users to register. Although registration is not required, anyone using these data must follow the standard conditions for use outlined in the End User Licence.

All depositors whose data extracts are used here were contacted and the depositors gave their permission for UK Data Service to use their materials for this purpose.

Depositors were sent a copy of the introduction and their own extracts for review. Depositors were also consulted to ensure that their collection had been classified correctly. The access conditions that were required for web dissemination of this resource were explained to each depositor.

The UK Data Service has not attempted to standardise a format for these extracts; style and presentation are the depositors' own. All depositors' suggestions for both extracts and the introductory material were incorporated into final versions.

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