Teaching resources

This section provides information and links to our collection of teaching resources, which includes workbooks for learning quantitative methods and statistical software, teaching materials using major archived qualitative studies and datasets designed for teaching and learning.

Quantitative resources
Qualitative/ mixed methods resources

Qualitative teaching resources

  • The Last Refuge

    This teaching resource incorporates a selection of the qualitative material collected during the course of the Peter Townsend’s 1950s Last Refuge study, which was a major investigation of long-stay institutional care for old people in Britain.

  • Pioneers of Social Research

    Pioneers of Social Research offers an insight into the backgrounds of researchers, motivations for undertaking particular pieces of research and some interesting observations about studying sociology in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. A series of interviews were carried out with the pioneering researchers themselves and excerpts are available through Pioneers of Social Research. This resource contains a series of teaching worksheets which highlight selected extracts and ask questions relating to a theme.

  • Interview methods

    This resource provides brief summaries of some of the different ways in which researchers use interviewing methods to collect collect qualitative data. Each summary is accompanied by an illustrative data sample from the extensive collections held by the UK Data Service.

  • Non-interview methods

    This resource provides brief summaries of some of the different ways in which researchers can collect qualitative data, including focus groups, diaries, online data collection, and visual methods.

  • Using psychosocial approaches

    This resource showcases two archived collections which have used a psychosocial method: Hollway and Jefferson’s Gender Difference, Anxiety and the Fear of Crime and Hollway's Becoming a Mother. The resource has a range of activities that can be used in the classroom or for self-paced learning.

  • Teaching sociology with archived data

    These materials have been created for teaching sociology with archived data. They include a tutor's resource, tutor's feedback sheets for marking, as well as the project report pages and case study. They can be adapted as needed.

  • Folk devils and moral panics

    This teaching resource is based on Stan Cohen's classic and pioneering study into youth culture, and how particular social groups are marginalised when they are perceived as a threat to social order.

  • Thematic guides

    A selection of guides exploring topics such as crime, social institutions, family, media, sexuality using qualitative data collections.

Teaching resources and teaching datasets can also be be explored using our Data Catalogue.

Many of our other guides, while not explicitly designed for learning and teaching, can be readily used in teaching. These include:

  • methods guides
  • guides to software and online tools
  • guides to datasets
Teaching datasets
Making your own teaching data

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