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The UK Data Service provides access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, spanning many disciplines and themes.

We provide an integrated service offering enhanced support for the secondary use of data across the research, learning and teaching communities.

Further information about our service is available from About us.

Our data and how to access them

Discover is our search and browse application, providing access to data and related resources, such as case studies, support guides and publications. This contains over 5,000 digital data collections for research and teaching purposes.

Access to Discover does not require registration. However, to download data, or to analyse it online where possible, does require registration with the UK Data Service. 

useful links

Follow the links below to learn more about our service and how you can use our resources.

How to access - includes information on how to register, download and order data and our terms and conditions of use

About our data - contains information about the type of data we provide

Use data - provides information on how the data have been used, our teaching resources and details of our guides

Video tutorials - view our growing range of training videos covering a variety of topics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - provides answers to some of the most common user questions

Get in touch - provides links to forms which you can use to contact us about a specific issue, or to ask us a question




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