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The following new datasets have been released: SN 8898 Active Lives Children and Young People Survey, 2019-2020 SN 8899 Active Lives Survey, 2019-2020 SN 855220 UK Dairy Farmer Survey on Production Practices and Attitudes Towards Grass-based and Indoor Systems, 2018-2019 SN 855368 The Impact of the End of Brexit Transition Period on Roma in the UK, as […]

Matthew Woollard, Director of the UK Data Service, takes us through the origins of the SecureLab – and his hopes for its future. The UKDS SecureLab was originally known as the Secure Data Service (SDS) back in 2011 and was developed to complement the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) Virtual Microdata Library by providing secure […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8889 Covid-19 Vaccine Opinions Survey, September, 2021: Secure Access SN 4772 IMF International Financial Statistics, 1920-2021 SN 855372 Assessing Mechanisms for Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines to University Students, 2021 SN 854595 FloraGuard Online Illegal Plant Trade Forum Data, 2006-2019 SN 855385 Effects of Mental Representations of Children […]