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The following new datasets have been released: SN 8866 Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence: Jordan Baseline, 2018-2019 SN 854190 Qualitative Interview Study of the Role of Patents in the Development and Delivery of Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnosis, 2014-2019 SN 855041 Social Impacts of Natural Gas Exploration in England, 2018-2020 SN 855042 Matches and Mismatches in Nominal Morphology and Agreement: […]

The UK Data Service is home to numerous high quality crime-related datasets, which provide essential insights to help central government, local authorities, charities, law enforcement, academics and researchers to develop more effective policies that address crime-related issues. In the run-up to our upcoming Crime Surveys User Conference 2021, 2 December 2021, we take a look […]

Exploring and analysing complex datasets for the first time can be daunting. If you are new to using data, whether in your studies or as part of your job, our data skills modules can help you understand how to find and explore data and how to present your findings clearly and accurately. These data skills modules are […]

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