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The following new datasets have been released: SN 8949 1970 British Cohort Study: Age 16, Sweep 4 Leisure and Television Diaries, 1986 SN 4963 IMF Balance of Payments Statistics, 1948-2021 SN 855739 Drugs and (Dis)order Spatial Borderland Biography Afghanistan, 2017-2021 SN 855742 Drugs and (Dis)order Spatial Borderland Biography Colombia, 2017-2021 SN 855743 Drugs and (Dis)order Spatial Borderland Biography Myanmar, […]

On Tuesday, 24 May, the very first data from the 2021 Census for Northern Ireland was released to the public. The UK Data Service has made the data tables and accompanying metadata available for download via the UK Data Service Census Data site. “Census 2021 First Release: Population and Household Statistics” from the Northern Ireland […]

Jisc Jisc are looking for an Impact Manager show how social, economic and population data can make a difference to the world. You will identify and promote the use and impact of Service data and resources to audiences including policymakers, government sectors, charities, the private sector and the media. It’s a chance to build relationships with […]