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Latest data collections and new editions 10 December 2021

The following new studies have been released:

SN 8873 Annual Survey of Goods and Services, 2017-2019: Secure Access

SN 8877 BOOST2018: The Ground-Breaking Study of Student Life, 2015-2019: Secure Access

SN 8876 Quarterly Labour Force Survey Household Dataset, July – September, 2021   

SN 854762 Predictable Task Switching: Manipulations of Preparation Interval and Preparation-interval Variability, 2018-2020

SN 855263 Girls’ Survey and Household Survey for Baseline Evaluation of Aarambha Project Cohort I, 2021

SN 855276 Case Studies From Work, Learning and Wellbeing Project, 2015-2021

SN 855287 Peacekeeper Gender Training, 2017

SN 855312 Ageing in and Out of Place: Towards Sustainable Wellbeing in Diverse and Mobile Contexts, 2018-2019

SN 855320 The Concise National Health Service Human Resources and Equality Diversity Survey, 2018-2019

SN 855334 Chronic Disease and Healthy Ageing at the Intersections: Stakeholder Workshop and Survey, 2019

SN 855338 Getting Off to a Mentally Healthy Start in Doctoral Study, 2021 

The following new editions have been released:

SN 915 Quality of Life in Urban Britain, 1975

SN 7022 Prices Survey Microdata, 1996-2021: Secure Access

The following new datasets have been released to the Nesstar Catalogue:

SN 8876 Quarterly Labour Force Survey Household Dataset, July – September, 2021

Our Data Catalogue provides access to order or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.