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Latest data collections and new editions 04 February 2022

The following new datasets have been released:

SN 8884 Impacts on Social Connections and Wellbeing of COVID-19 Policies in the Older Population, 2020-2021

SN 8909 Understanding Society: Spending Study 2, 2018-2019

SN 8908 Kids’ Life and Times Survey, 2020

SN 8907 Kids’ Life and Times Survey, 2019

SN 855417 Implicit Bias Against Disabled and Older People in the Workplace, 2020-2021

SN 855465 The Developing Bodily Self: How Posture Constrains Body Representation in Childhood, 2017-2021

SN 855484 The Development of Visually Guided Stepping, 2017-2022

SN 855387 Sanitation, Microcredit and Awareness – A Qualitative Analysis, 2019-2021

SN 855420 Girls’ Access To Education – Girls’ Education Challenge Endline Evaluation Qualitative Transcripts, 2021

SN 855406 Exploring the Frames of Altruistic Action, 2017-2019

SN 855414 Price Indices Created for the Project “Global Price Indices”, 2019-2021

SN 855416 Fly Tipping Data, 2020-2021

SN 855366 Pilot Study of a Student-led Peer Support Wellbeing Programme, 2021

SN 855393 Exclusion Amid Inclusion: Power-Sharing and Non-Dominant Minorities, 2018-2019

SN 855445 Associations between Childhood Maltreatment and Peer Relationships: the Role of Empathy, 2020-2021

The following new datasets have been released to the Nesstar Catalogue:

SN 8908 Kids’ Life and Times Survey, 2020

SN 8907 Kids’ Life and Times Survey, 2019


Our Data Catalogue provides access to order or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.