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Latest data collections and new editions 14 April 2022

The following new datasets have been released:

SN 8937 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2016

SN 8936 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2015

SN 8935 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2014

SN 8934 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2013

SN 8933 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2012

SN 8932 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2011

SN 855606 The Role of Onomatopoeia in Children’s Early Language Development, 2017-2018

SN 855644 British Election Longitudinal News Study, 2015–2019

SN 855658 Children and Young People in Police Custody: Metadata for Exploration of the Experience of Children and Young People Detained in Police Custody Following Arrest, from the Perspective of the Young Suspect, 2016-2017

SN 855661 Household Survey to Value Ecosystem Services and Disservices of Sponge Parks in Can Tho, Vietnam, 2021

SN 855685 Data for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and Coronary Risk Factors among Patients with Angiogram-proven Premature Coronary Artery Disease, 2017-2019

SN 855687 With or Against the Flow: Water Governance in Goma, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2019-2020

SN 855626 Early Years Pupil Performance Data During COVID-19, 2020-2021

SN 855648 Luxembourg Income Study Database: Inequality and Poverty Key Figures, 1967-2020

SN 855655 Luxembourg Wealth Study Database: Gini Inequality Coefficients, 1993-2020

SN 855625 Behavioural and Neural Indices of Perceptual Decision-making in Autistic Children During Visual Motion Tasks, 2018-2020

SN 855391 Improving Learning: Developing Measures of Accountability and Evaluating their Association with Students’ Gains in Achievement in Nepal, 2017-2021

SN 855430 Mediation Model for Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Scaling up Praxis from Mongolia to Central Asia, 2018-2019

SN 855451 Social and Political Effects of Large-scale Infrastructures in Kenya, 2019-2020

SN 855584 Ethiopian Orthodox Clergy Assessment of Workshop Series on Domestic Violence Delivered in Ethiopia, 2021

SN 855591 The Impact of Elections in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, 2014-2017

SN 855592 Period Poverty: The Perceptions and Experiences of Impoverished Women Living an Inner-city Area of Northwest England, 2020

SN 855611 The Impact of Austerity on Political Participation in England, 2018-2019

SN 855617 The Impact of COVID-19 on Travel Behaviour, Transport, Lifestyles and Residential Location Choices in Scotland Dataset, 2021

SN 855619 Interviews with Law-Tech Firm Founders and Financiers, 2020

SN 855620 Slavery and Forced Migration: A Socio-Economic Survey in Mambiri ,Mali, 2021

SN 855628 Metadata for Loneliness, Mental Health and Wellbeing: An Acceptability and Feasibility Study of UK Men’s Shed, 2021-2022

SN 855630 The Donkosira Experience: Coproduction of and Digital Tools for Local Knowledges, 2018-2019

SN 855045 Imprinting Methylation and Cognition, 2015-2020

The following new editions have been released:

SN 8807 Monthly Business Survey for Construction and Allied Trades, 2010-2020: Secure Access

SN 8666 Smart Energy Research Lab Observatory Data, 2019-2021: Secure Access

Our Data Catalogue provides access to order or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.