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International Women’s Day 2023: Highlighting inspirational women at the UK Data Service

Over the last few years we have celebrated International Women’s Day at the UK Data Service by profiling some of the highly talented women who work at the organisation, as well as women who have effectively used datasets in our collection to progress their work.

One such researcher is Professor Neli Demireva from the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex. Last year we spoke to her about the book she co-authored with other prominent sociologists – Pioneering Social Research: Life Stories of a Generation

In this edition of our podcast, The Expert’s Expert, Professor Demireva talks about the pioneering female social scientists who not only worked to bring attention to the role of women within society but also fought for gender equality and recognition within their own discipline.

She also discusses the contribution of Ann Oakley, a pioneering social scientist of the Seventies, who focused on women and gender, housework and motherhood.

Other podcasts from female experts who work at the UK Data Service:

Dr. Vanessa Higgins, the Director of User Support and Training for the UK Data Service, talks about the benefits of the organisation’s extensive training programme, which provides over 100 free workshops for researchers and data users each year.

Dr Julia Kasmire, a Research Fellow at the UK Data Service, who is also a computational scientist, talks about her experiences in the world of data and how she has tackled gender bias in the workplace.

Sarah King-Hele, a Research Fellow at the UK Data Service, talks about the benefits of the UK Data Service’s Data Skills Modules, which helps researchers of all levels learn how to make the best use of our collection of datasets:

In 2021 we spoke to Dr Deirdre Lungley, Principal Developer here at the Service, about her career in data and her advice for women looking to embark on STEM-based employment.