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Latest data collections and new editions 30 March 2023

The following new datasets have been released:

SN 9070 Listening to Young Lives at Work: COVID-19 Phone Survey Calls 1-5 Constructed Files, 2020-2021

SN 9008 Listening to Young Lives at Work: COVID-19 Phone Survey, Fourth and Fifth Call, 2021

SN 9067 Cyber Security Longitudinal Survey: Wave 2, 2022

SN 856365 Riding Along In My Automobile: Musically-Induced Emotions and Driving Behaviour, 2018-2021

SN 856172 Qualitative Interviews with NHS Staff During the Pandemic: An Investigation into Ethnic Inequalities Experienced During the Pandemic, 2020-2022

SN 856262 From Coercion to Consent: Social Identity, Legitimacy, and a Process Model of Police Procedural Justice, 2018-2021

SN 856282 Knee Exoskeleton Design and Validation, 2021-2022

SN 856341 Is Preparation Enough to Produce the Cost of Task Switching? A Recipe for a Task-Switch Cost After Cue-Only Trials, 2018-2022

SN 856348 Bilingual Experience and Cognitive Control, 2018-2022

SN 856351 Metadata for a Material Sociology of High-Frequency Trading, 2018-2022

SN 856354 Machine-Assisted Literary Translation, 2019-2021

SN 856220 Interviews With Parents and Carers in Relation to Digital In-Game Spending and Games Designers Who Develop In-Game Spending Systems, 2022

SN 856228 Perceived Threats and ‘Stampedes’: A Relational Model of Collective Fear Responses, 2020-2023

The following new editions have been released:

SN 7745 Employer Skills Survey, 2011-2019: Secure Access

SN 7909 Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July 2010 – December 2022: Secure Access

SN 8653 Business Insights and Conditions Survey: Waves 1-77, 2020-2022: Secure Access

Our data catalogue provides access to order or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.