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Love Data Week 2024: My kind of data

To mark this year’s Love Data Week (12-16 February), we’re asking you to “Stop! In the name of love!”

This year’s Love Data Week theme, “My Kind of Data,” is our gateway to introducing new users to specialist areas within the UK Data Service, including crime data and large scale social data.

Our popular podcast, The Experts’ Expert, has launched three new episodes to coincide with Love Data Week, exploring the topic of large scale social survey data with some of the leading figures in the field. We talk with Professor Jennifer Symonds, the new Director of CLOSER; Robin Flaig, Co-Director of the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration and Chief Operations Officer for Generation Scotland; and Dr Nigel de Noronha, Research Associate at the UK Data Service.

Across the three episodes, each expert explores what data means to them and reflects on how their research has impacted the lives of ordinary individuals:

  • Episode 1 features our interviewees speaking about their personal data journeys and what they have found so rewarding about working with data.
  • Episode 2 focuses on the impact of data and how in our interviewees’ own experiences, data has made a difference to the world.
  • Episode 3 examines how data can protect us in the emerging world of AI and more convincing fake news.

Users are also invited to delve deeper into the criminal underworld as our Research Associate Nadia Kennar leads two workshops on Mapping Crime Data in R during Love Data Week. The full schedule of our Love Data Week events is below, including drop-in sessions on using SecureLab and computational social science.

Nadia has a special interest in crime data and is keen to share her enthusiasm with Service users who are new to using R: “Discover the art of crime data mapping! Dive into the word of R to reveal insights and patterns in a visually compelling way. Our webinar offers a hands-on journey to transform raw numbers into insightful geographical stories and provides an introduction to key spatial concepts. Here’s an opportunity to elevate your research with powerful computational tools!”

Love Data Week (12-16 February)

Follow us on social media for more updates throughout Love Data Week – #LoveData24