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Latest data collections and new editions 7 March 2024

The following new datasets have been released:

SN 9232 English Housing Survey, 2021-2022: Household Data: Special Licence Access

SN 9205 Research and Innovation Workforce Survey, 2022: Secure Access

SN 9231 English Housing Survey, 2021: Housing Stock Data: Special Licence Access

SN 9230 English Housing Survey, 2021-2022: Household Data

SN 854577 Gender Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Population-Based Twin Sample, 2016-2019

SN 856029 Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Youth Justice System, 2021-2022

SN 856213 Metadata for Local Responses to Precarious Migrants: Frames, Strategies and Evolving Practices in Europe, 2021-2022

SN 856767 Survey of plastic and general waste collectors serving off-grid neighbourhoods of Greater Accra, Ghana, 2022

SN 856911 Survey of Disposable Diaper Use Among Children’s Carers Attending Health Facilities in Greater Accra, Ghana and Kisumu, Kenya, 2023

SN 856928 Questionnaire and Water Quality Data for Post Hoc Evaluation of the Water Safety Impacts of Kisumu’s Delegated Management Model of Water Service Delivery, 2022

SN 856941 Impact of Visual Self-Motion Cues on Spatial and Temporal Visual Integration, 2023

SN 856986 Testing of a Novel, Low Cost Method To Identify Plastic Resins Used for Production of Food and Beverage Packaging in Kisumu, Kenya, and Greater Accra, Ghana, 2022

SN 856990 Experiences and Challenges of Plastic Waste Collectors in Kenya; A Qualitative Study Among Informal Waste Collectors in Kisumu City, Kenya, 2023

SN 857054 Using Positive Simulation Training to Improve Predictions about the Future in Depression, 2019-2023

The following new editions have been released:

SN 8910 National Referral Mechanism and Duty to Notify Statistics, 2014-2023

Our data catalogue provides access to order, or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.