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Latest data collections and new editions 2 May 2024

The following new datasets have been released:

SN 9252 Family Resources Survey, 2022-2023

SN 856273 Housing Wealth Distribution, Inequality and Residential Satisfaction, 1997-2008

SN 856404 Self-Perceived Quality of Life and Substandard Housing Through SF12v2. A Transversal Approach in Gran Canaria’s Settlements (Spain), 2023

SN 856667 MOBILISE: Migrant and National Online Surveys. Waves One and Two, 2019-2022

SN 856826 Household Simulation Model: A Dataset for Evaluating Interventions to Reduce Packaging and Mushroom Waste in UK Households, 2021-2023

SN 857062 The Determinants of Double Energy Vulnerability: A Geospatial Analysis, 2011-2024

SN 857079 Safe, Inclusive, Participative Pedagogy: Interviews with Senior Staff of Early Childhood Education Centers in Rocinha, 2021-2022

SN 857128 Expectations for Automated Vehicles, 2018-2023

SN 857133 The Relations Study Data, 2021-2022

SN 857139 How Do Autistic Adults Conceptualise and Recover From Intimate Violence and Abuse, 2021-2023

SN 857038 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Performance: Video, Demographic and Evaluation Data, 2023

SN 854444 Sustainable Consumption, the Middle Classes and Agri-food Ethics in the Global South, 2018-2021

SN 855088 The Illiberal Turn? News Consumption, Polarization and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, 2019-2020

The following new editions have been released:

SN 8503 Pensioners’ Incomes Series, 2008/09-2022/23

Our data catalogue provides access to order, or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.