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Four new teaching datasets released

Our teaching datasets are based on real data but in a more accessible form for teaching and learning. Whether looking for something user-friendly, interesting, or easy to share with students, you can find a range of datasets designed with teaching in mind.

We are pleased to announce that our collection now includes four new teaching datasets detailed below.

EVENS – Evidence for Equality National Survey

Conducted in 2021, the Evidence for Equality National Survey (EVENS) provides unique insights into the experiences of ethnic minorities in Great Britain. The new SN 9249 Evidence for Equality National Survey: a Survey of Ethnic Minorities During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2021: Teaching Dataset offers an open access version designed for teaching. Using this dataset, learners can explore topics such as:

  • Experiences of racism by ethnic and religious background.
  • Sense of belonging and importance of ethnic and religious identity.
  • Experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic relating to health, employment and financial security.
  • Political attitudes including support for Black Lives Matter.

The dataset can be used in conjunction with a free e-book, allowing students to reproduce the analysis in the book.

Quarterly Labour Force Survey

One of our core teaching datasets, the Labour Force Survey teaching datasets offer a more manageable way to explore the most interesting variables. The latest version SN 9172 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January-March 2023: Teaching Dataset includes 50 variables and can be used to examine labour market trends, employment dynamics, and demographic characteristics.

British Social Attitudes survey open access teaching dataset

Our British Social Attitudes survey open access datasets are ideal for new learners and large classes. With support from NatCen, we are delighted to introduce the new SN 9236 British Social Attitudes Survey, 2021, Health Care and Equalities: Open Access Teaching Dataset. This new dataset includes views and satisfaction with the NHS and attitudes to equality such as equality in the workplace and sexual relationships. In addition to the main themes, the dataset includes variables that are also available in the 2017 and 2019 open teaching datasets. This make this data perfect for carrying out time-based analyses.

2021 Census

Finally, from the Office for National Statistics, is SN 9202 2021 Census: Public Microdata Teaching Sample (England and Wales): 1% Sample: Open Access. Census microdata teaching files provide lecturers and students with a more manageable alternative to the main Census microdata. The data can be used to analyse and explore various social and economic trends and is freely available to download without registration.

To find out more about our teaching datasets and using data in teaching, visit the Teach with Data pages in our Learning Hub.