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Latest data collections and new editions 16 May 2024

This week’s update of our latest data.

The following new studies have been released:

SN 856505 Content Analysis of UK Alternative Media Articles and Tweets, 2015-2018

SN 857213 The Double Logic of Internal Purges: Public School Teachers during Francoist Spain, Secondary Data Analysis, 2019-2020

SN 857222 Leveraging Existing and Emerging Large-Scale Social Data to Build Robust Evidence-Based Policy for Children in the Digital Age, 2005-2023

SN 857209 Towards a Framework for Appropriate Conservation Agriculture Mechanization of Smallholder Rice Production in Ghana, 2022-2023

SN 857127 Grounded Energy Modelling for Equitable Urban Planning Development in the Global South: Internal Temperatures, Lima, Peru, 2021-2023

SN 857141 Public Perception of Cyber Fraud in the Financial Technology Market in Ghana, 2023

SN 857150 Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioactive Gaseous Discharges in the Near Field of Buildings, 2014-2020

SN 857208 Transitional Justice and Linked Party Sympathy Survey, 2023

SN 857210 Discounting Extreme Positions: Normalization and Support for the Far Right Survey, 2023

SN 857211 Secessionist Conflict and Affective Polarization, Survey Data, Catalonia, 2017-2018

SN 856998 Waterproofing Data Project: Participatory Mapping and Survey Resources, 2020-2021

SN 857007 Waterproofing Data Project: Flood Memory Interviews, Transcript Data, 2018-2021

SN 857026 Public Engagement for ‘Desirable’ and ‘Feasible’ Visions of Radical Lifestyle Change in the UK, China and Sweden, 2020-2022

SN 857039 The Tasmania Project Panel Maintenance Survey Experiment, 2022

SN 857073 Longitudinal Sanitation Data From High-Frequency Phone Surveys Across Three Countries, 2020-2024

SN 857089 Critical Social Sciences of Sport Network Scoping Survey, 2021-2022

SN 857092 Evaluating Textile Electrodes for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: Performance and Viability, 2021-2023

SN 857096 The Impact of Food Systems Research Network for Africa on Mentors Professional Development, 2023-2024

The following new editions have been released:

SN 9204 Online Time Use Survey, 2020-2023: Secure Access

SN 6898 Quarterly Fuels Inquiry, 1998-2023: Secure Access

SN 8200 Death Registrations in England and Wales, 1993-2022: Secure Access

SN 8653 Business Insights and Conditions Survey: Waves 1-105, 2020-2024: Secure Access

Our data catalogue provides access to order, or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.