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Latest data collections and new editions 7 June 2024

This week’s update of our latest data.

The following new studies have been released:

SN 9272 Quarterly Labour Force Survey Household Dataset, July – September, 2023

SN 9271 Quarterly Labour Force Survey Household Dataset, October – December, 2023

SN 9259 Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Linked Credit Reference Agency (CRA) Dataset, 2012-2018: Secure Access

SN 9258 Understanding Society: Main Survey, Linked Credit Reference Agency (CRA) Dataset, 2009-2021: Secure Access

SN 9270 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, Household Dataset, January – March, 2024

SN 9262 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Study in Scotland, 2018

SN 857192 The Next Frontier of Climate Policy: Joining the Dots of Bricks, Trade and Embodied Emissions from Cambodia and Bangladesh to the UK, 2020-2021

SN 855916 Computed Tomography Coronary Angiogram Images, Annotations and Associated Data of Normal and Diseased Arteries, 2017-2020

SN 857235 Parish Ministers of the Church of Scotland, 1843

SN 857254 Flexible Contracts and Ethnic Economic Inequalities Across Gender During the UK’s COVID-19 Recession, Evidence for Equality National Survey Analysis Code, 2021

SN 857173 Identifying Relevant Dimensions to the Measurement of Adolescent Social Media Experience via Focus Groups With Young People, 2023

SN 857149 Welsh Government Net Zero and Climate Policy on Transport, Agriculture and Consumption: Metadata for Insight From Key Stakeholders and Practitioners Working in Wales, 2021-23

SN 857212 Do Transitional Justice Policies Cause Backlash: Street Name Changes in Spain, Secondary Data Analysis, 2021

SN 855817 Metadata for Imagining Wellness: Helping Students to Connect, Create and Collaborate in Their Own Wellbeing, 2021

SN 857165 Digital Technologies’ Transformation of US Store-Based Retail Work: Semi-structured Interviews with Workers and Managers, 2022-2023

SN 857105 The Effect of Gig Economy Work: Interviews with Platform Workers, 2020-2021

The following new editions have been released:

SN 8912 Short-Term Employment Surveys, 2020-2023: Secure Access

SN 6702 Monthly Wages and Salaries Survey, 2000-2024: Secure Access

Our data catalogue provides access to order, or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.