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Latest data collections and new editions 24 June 2024

This week’s update of our latest data.

The following new studies have been released:

SN 9279 International Passenger Survey, 2023

SN 9280 Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM), England and Wales, 1921

SN 9281 Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM) Names and Addresses, England and Wales, 1921: Special Licence Access

SN 9277 SIPHER Synthetic Population for Individuals in Great Britain, 2019-2021

SN 9268 English Private Landlord Survey, 2021

SN 9274 Annual Population Survey Two-Year Longitudinal Dataset, January 2022 – December 2023

SN 856205 Interviews on Trials Transparency at Public Research Institutions in the UK, 2020-2021

SN 857172 Revisiting Immunity Versus Exposure in Schistosomiasis: A Mathematical Modelling Study of Delayed Concomitant Immunity, 1998-2000

SN 857253 Lived Experience at the Core: A Classification System for Risk-Taking Behaviours in Bipolar, 2022

SN 857252 Veganism and Religion: Interviews, Diaries, and Field Notes Exploring the Understandings and Experiences of Faith Vegans in the UK, 2021

SN 852729 Young People Interviews, Foster Carer Interviews, Focus Group, and Survey Data From a Study of the Experiences and Identity Development of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender Young People in Care and the Support They Receive, 2015-2016

SN 857169 The Impact of the Food System Research Network for Africa on the Skills and Experience of Researchers at the University of Pretoria, 2022-2024

SN 857026 Public Engagement for ‘Desirable’ and ‘Feasible’ Visions of Radical Lifestyle Change in the UK, China and Sweden, 2020-2022

SN 856754 SIPHER Synthetic Population for Individuals in Great Britain, 2019-2021: Supplementary Material, 2024

SN 856957 Neuroadaptive Bayesian Optimisation to Identify which Combination of Gaze and Emotion in the Parent Face Maximises Attention in the Individual Infant, 2023-2024

SN 857256 Interviews With Food System Actors in Upland Areas of Scotland and England, 2018-2022

SN 857139 How Do Autistic Adults Conceptualise and Recover From Intimate Violence and Abuse, 2021-2023

SN 856991 A Verbatim Film-Research Collaboration Seeking To Raise Awareness of Prison Suicide, 2020-2024

SN 856727 Interviews on Abortion Access in Latin America, 2020-2022

The following new editions have been released:

SN 7481 Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM), 1851-1911

SN 8815 Food and You 2: Waves 1-7, 2020-2023: Special Licence Access

SN 8814 Food and You 2: Waves 1-7, 2020-2023

Our data catalogue provides access to order, or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection.