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Current projects

With additional support from funders including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Jisc, and the European Community, we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and practice in data discovery, access and use.

Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources (CLOSER)

Bringing together eight leading studies, the British Library and the UK Data Service, CLOSER works to stimulate interdisciplinary research, provide training and develop shared resources and expertise.

International Data Access Network (IDAN)

The UK Data Service is a member of the International Data Access Network (IDAN), founded in 2018. IDAN is a collaboration between six Research Data Centres (RDCs) from France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom to facilitate research use of controlled access data between these RDCs/countries via reciprocal provision of Safe Room Remote Desktop Access.

Metadata Office: Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)

CESSDA provides large-scale, integrated and sustainable data services to the social sciences. It brings together social science data archives across Europe, with the aim of promoting the results of social science research and supporting national and international research and cooperation.

The CESSDA Metadata Office project plans to provide a core conceptual and strategic group to maintain and manage the CESSDA core metadata model and controlled vocabularies, and to provide a metadata watch.

Safe Data Access Professionals (SDAP) Network

The SDAP network facilitates the sharing of expertise, good practice and knowledge between organisations providing, or intending to provide, secure access to confidential data from the health, economics, and social science research sectors.

The network holds regular meetings and produces guides and resources for those working within the data landscape. Across 2021-2024 ESRC funding is supporting the network to plan strategically how to meet the needs of a rapidly developing landscape and community of secure data access professionals.

Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL)

The EPSRC is funding this five-year, multi-disciplinary research programme to develop a portal that will enable new research with the potential to transform research into UK energy challenges.

This programme provides the potential to transform UK energy research through the long-term provision of high quality, high-resolution energy data, enabling a reliable evidence base for intervention, observational and longitudinal studies across the socio-technical spectrum.

Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC)

SSHOC is developing the social sciences and humanities area of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) – an initiative to provide European researchers and professionals with open and seamless services for storage, management, and analysis and re-use of research data. Find out more about the SSHOC project.

Transnational data access

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Past projects