Continued support to data depositors, researchers and society

Meeting the future needs of research and researchers across the UK

Long-term research access to important data resources to support wider society is just as relevant and important now as it was in 1967 when the foundations of what became the UK Data Service, first began. The UK Data Service supports the provision of a research and innovation system across the UK that is equipped to tackle current and future economic, social and population challenges. We adapt to the changing needs of digital depositors and researchers, despite facing different challenges and navigating new uncertainties. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of being truly agile to respond efficiently to shifting research needs and the wider data landscape.

Future direction

Our emphasis is to draw together evidence about the impactful reach and significance of the use of the data and resources we provide, of the Service as a whole, and on understanding the beneficial effect. We continue to demonstrate the contribution the Service, its data and resources make to the economy, society, culture, public policy and services, health, the environment and quality of life. And to develop strategic projects that enhance our existing service portfolio and data architecture; shaping the UK Data Service to be fit for the future and moving us forward into one of the most important periods in the organisation’s long and successful history.