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Data Impact 2024: Poverty in Data

23 Apr 2024 - 25 Apr 2024 All Day
Cost of living

In a period where the cost of living has risen dramatically and levels of those falling into poverty and deprivation are high, data-enhanced research can help us understand people’s situations and offer positive options for policy and other change.

Rarely before have the data been so supportive in providing a clear picture of the situation and in enabling researchers, policymakers and more to develop, assess and advocate for practical solutions. And yet there is more work to be done, both in terms of advocating for the needs of those who are struggling and discovering where gaps in the data may still exist.

We invite researchers from all sectors who work in this area to join us for Poverty in Data to share, discuss and identify possible next steps in data and in collaboration.

The UK Data Service 2024 impact event Poverty in Data will take place across three days:

  • Tuesday 23 April, 10:00-15:00, in-person
    • Early career researchers workshop in central Manchester.
  • Wednesday 24 April, 11:00-12:00, online
    • Poverty in Data: Perspectives on Poverty - various speakers including campaigners, researchers and those with lived experience of poverty.
  • Thursday 25 April, 11:00-12:30, online
    • Poverty in Data: Research, policy and next steps - Presentations by a panel of experts in using data to understand and alleviate poverty plus Q&A and discussion.

Who is it for?

Anyone working or researching in the broad area of poverty, cost-of-living, deprivation, homelessness etc. Whether you work in academia, the charity sector or elsewhere, you are welcome to join us. The workshop on 23 April will be focused on early careers researchers working in these fields.

How much will it cost?

All events are free to attend. Numbers will be limited for the early career researchers workshop.

How do I register?

Register by using the book now button.

Early career researchers workshop

When and where?

Tuesday 23 April, 10:00 – 15:00 in Friends’ Meeting House, Manchester.

What will be happening?

Donald Hirsch, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Loughborough University and previously Director of the Centre for Research in Social Policy, will be giving a keynote speech looking at research in poverty. There will also be several roundtable discussions and a panel of previous Data Impact Fellows with Q&A.

Additional information and registration details.

Poverty in Data: Perspectives on poverty


Wednesday 24 April, 11:00 – 12:00, online

What will be happening?

Various speakers including campaigners, researchers and those with lived experience of poverty will be sharing their perspectives and insights on the issue of poverty and the role data and research can play in eliminating it.

What will you gain from it?

  • Hear from a key figure in work on reducing poverty
  • Hear about lived experiences of poverty and deprivation and gain a
    deeper understanding of those in this situation

Poverty in Data: Research, policy and next steps


Thursday 25 April, 11:00 – 12:30, online

What will be happening?

Presentations by a panel of researchers using data to enhance understanding of poverty and to develop, assess and advocate for practical solutions and/or policy changes, followed by Q&A.

Who will be presenting?

Ed Davies – Policy Director, The Centre for Social Justice.

Helen Barnard – Director of Policy, Research and Impact, The Trussell Trust.

Lalitha Try – Economist, Resolution Foundation.

Peter Matejic – Chief Analyst, The Joseph Roundtree Foundation.

What will you gain from it?

  • Learn about how data in the UK Data service collection enhances and supports.
    research into understanding and alleviating poverty and deprivation.
  • Have opportunities to discuss issues with the panel.
  • Hear how your work connects with others in the field.

Follow the event on X (formerly Twitter) #UKDSPovertyInData.