Safeguarded access

Authenticated registration to access safeguarded data

Safeguarded data are defined as effectively anonymised data, meaning that the identifiability risk is remote due to the anonymisation treatment applied to the data and the licence under which they are made available.

The UK Data Service End User Licence Agreement (PDF) establishes the terms and conditions under which a secondary research can make use of the data.

Every registered user agrees to the terms and conditions upon registration. Safeguarded data might be used for non-commercial, commercial and teaching projects. Use might be restricted depending on the user type and/or their location.

Additional conditions of use and agreements might apply such as:

  • depositor permission might be required
  • location agreements
  • Special Licence User Agreement
  • Commercial Licence.

Safeguarded data in the data catalogue

If you have a query about safeguarded data that cannot be answered directly by this website, please check our FAQs in the help area of the website, or get in touch via our online forms.

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