Authenticated registration to access safeguarded data

Data licensed for use in the ‘safeguarded’ category are not personal, but the data owner considers there to be a risk of disclosure resulting from linkage to other data, such as private databases.

The safeguards include knowing who is using the data and for what purpose so to access data at this level you need to complete a simple registration and authentication process. Safeguarded data can be used for non-commercial, commercial and teaching projects.

‘Safeguarded’ is currently the Office for National Statistics’s preferred term for data which we provide under the UK Data Service’s End User Licence (EUL). The EUL outlines the restrictions on use for a particular data collection. Additional conditions may be attached such as:

  • Special agreements
  • Depositor permission
  • Limited to non-commercial or academic users
  • Data destruction clauses
  • Specific forms of citation.

Safeguarded data in the data catalogue

If you have a query about safeguarded data that cannot be answered directly by this website, please check our FAQs in the Help area of the website, or get in touch via our online forms.

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