Anonymisation step-by-step

Anonymisation step-by-step

Anonymisation step-by-step

Follow these steps to anonymise a data file:

Find and highlight direct identifiers

  • Quantitative: Visually scan variables.
  • Qualitative: Read the transcript.

Assess indirect identifiers

  • Can the identity of a participant be known from information in the data file?
  • Can a third party be disclosed or harmed from information in the data file?

Assess the wider picture

  • Quantitative: Run descriptive statistics and crosstabs to find unique cases and combinations of variables that can identify an individual in the dataset.
  • Qualitative: Which identifying information about an individual participant can be noted from all the data and documentation available to a user.

Remove (or psuedonymise) direct identifiers

Aggregate or blur (in)direct indentifiers

Redact indirect identifiers

Re-assess any remaining disclosure risk