Resources library

Resources library

Centralise data management and sharing resources

A data management resources library is a one-stop location, where a research hub can centralise all relevant data management and sharing resources for researchers, plus staff, in a single location. For example, it could exist in the form of a single location on an intranet site, website, Wiki or shared network drive.

This resource library can contain relevant data policy and guidance documents, templates, tools and exemplars developed by the centre. It can also contain external policy and guidance resources, or links to such resources. Good practices used by particular researchers or projects can also be shared.

A resources library might contain both locally created and external resources.

Locally created documents:

  • A centre-wide data inventory.
  • A local statement or policy on data sharing.
  • Exemplar data management plans.
  • Local information on acts and regulations relating to data.
  • A statement on copyright of research data and outputs.
  • A statement of institutional IT data management and existing backup procedures.
  • Security policy for data storage, file sharing and transmission procedures.
  • Standard data format recommendations.
  • Statement on retention and the destruction of data, as it relates to particular kinds of data.
  • Quality control standards for data collection and data entry.
  • Digitisation and transcription guidance.
  • File naming and version control guidance.
  • A data inventory for individual projects, including roles and responsibilities.
  • Template consent forms and information sheets that take data sharing into account.
  • Example ethical review forms.
  • Data anonymisation guidelines.
  • Confidentiality agreements for data handlers.

External resources: