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Documentation resources

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DDI tools

  • DDI Alliance Tools portal – The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Foundation Tools Program (DDI-FTP), initiated by the DDI Alliance, aims to develop and support the implementation of DDI applications and utilities. The Program consists of a collection of co-ordinated projects whose outputs will be designed to interoperate. Various utilities are available to download from the DDI tools portal, and more will be added
  • DeXtris is an open-source utility developed by the Open Data Foundation (ODaF), to explore XML statistical metadata. It runs in a standard web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, and can convert between different versions of the DDI
  • DDI Metadata Editor, the IHSN Metadata Editor, also known as the Nesstar Publisher, is a feature-rich editor for the preparation of metadata and data for publishing in an online catalogue, such as the IHSN-developed National Data Archive (NADA).The metadata produced by the Editor is compliant with the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) 2.n and the Dublin Core XML metadata standards. The application is developed by Nesstar at the Norwegian Social Science Data Archive (NSD) and is distributed as freeware.

Online data browsing tools

  • Nesstar is a software system for data publishing and online analysis. The Nesstar software consists of a set of tools that enable the publication of data and metadata, web-based dissemination and analysis, and data visualisation using maps, graphs and tables
  • SDA Project utilities provides a number of DDI utilities have been made available by the Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) project, based at the University of California at Berkeley
  • The Dataverse Project is a complete open-source data archival system, with multiple features and capabilities developed at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) with worldwide collaborators.