Managing data: tools and templates

Providing researchers with the tools they need

The UK Data Service is committed to helping researchers, teachers and students follow best practice in their work.

We provide a selection of tools and templates that you may find useful for various data management tasks in social sciences research.

  • Data management costing tool (PDF) to help cost data management tasks in a research grant application.
  • Text anonymisation tool (Zip) to help you find disclosive information to remove or pseudonymise in qualitative textual data files.
  • ReadMe file template (Word) is a summary file used to inform future users about the content of all data/documentation files/folders available in each ReShare collection.
  • Variable information log template (Excel) sets out all the necessary information for datasets that include secondary data so that other researchers clearly understand and reuse the data correctly.
  • QAMyData a free easy-to-use open source tool that provides a health check for numeric data.