Quantitative methods e-books

Quantitative methods e-books

Building skills in quantitative methods and statistical software

These quantitative methods e-books and accompanying quizzes are for direct use in teaching students or for self-study. They aim to build skills in quantitative methods and statistical software and use the Living Costs and Food Survey.

The e-books have been developed through a collaboration of the UK Data Service, National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), and the Centre for Multi-Level Modelling at the University of Bristol and were created using the StatJR software based on original outputs from the project Using Statistical E-books to teach undergraduate students quantitative methods and statistical software funded by the British Academy.

Using SPSS, lecturers and students can utilise both the practical and quiz elements of each e-book topic:

Citation and copyright

Jo Wathan, Vanessa Higgins, Mark Elliot, William Browne, Chris Charlton, Ana Morales Gomez and Jennifer Buckley (2019) Quantitative methods e-books: Teaching Resources, UK Data Service, NCRM, Centre for Multi-Level Modelling.

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