Recommended resources - teaching

Recommended resources for teaching with quantitative data

CLOSER (Cohort & Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources)

CLOSER aims to maximise the use, value, and impact of longitudinal studies. They have a Learning Hub with introductory information and resources on longitudinal data.

ESS EduNet

ESS EduNet is an online resource with practical activities on aspects of theory, data and method. Topics include regression, multilevel models, and latent variable modelling.

PEAS project

P|E|A|S (Practical Exemplars and Survey Analysis) provides useful information and examples for researchers analysing data from complex samples. It also includes sections on survey non-response.


NCRM provide methodological training and resources to help people interested in social science research methods. Their website includes many resources on methods including introductory videos. Following work on the pedagogy of research methods, you can also visit the resources for trainers section of their website for materials on how to teach methods.

The Office for National Statistics guide to social and economic research

This ONS guide (PDF) (designed for students taking the Welsh Baccalaureate) explains how to conduct research that will allow you to produce quality statistics, and what you should look for when assessing the quality and reliability of data sets.

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