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"Advancing research, informing public policy, building skills"

As a national data service for the social sciences, we hold data that unlock new discoveries in research, provide evidence for policy decisions and help teach the next generation in core data skills. 

Advancing research

Every day researchers from all sectors browse our data collections and download data to support active projects. Their work asks questions from all areas of society, providing findings that further our understanding of key social issues.

Here are some case studies that use our data to inform research:

There are many more examples in our database of more than 100 case studies.

Informing public policy

Most research that uses our data is published in academic journals where it provides a valuable resource to further social science thinking in all sectors. In addition, some findings are actively consulted by policymakers and publicised in the media, where they have the potential for even greater impact.

Here are some case studies that demonstrate this wider impact:

Search for the policy topics that interest you in our database of case studies.

Building skills

The use of real-life data in coursework adds interest and relevance. It also gives the next generation of social scientists the appetite for data and the data analysis skills necessary to make real contributions to future research and society.

Here are some case studies showing how data are being used in the classroom:

There are more examples; see the full list of case studies.


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