Poverty in data

Poverty in data

The UK Data Service collection houses over 9000 data sets. These range from nationwide longitudinal studies to international data, from current and historic census data to the latest data around covid-19 studies.

We want to help connect the dots for everyone involved and impacted by the data, from researchers and producers of data to policy makers as well as the public and those whose responses and lives often generate this data.

The large range of research that is done using data from the Service collection gives us scope to explore almost any topic, but we have decided to focus this year on several “Impact Themes”. One of these themes is the significant area of poverty, deprivation and the cost-of-living crisis.

This Poverty in data work will include many elements such as our 2023/24 cohort of Data Impact Fellows and a Data Impact Event in autumn 2023.

We will also be sharing several pieces throughout the year via our Data Impact blog and case studies which focus on the area. If you or your organisation would like to contribute a piece, please get in touch with us.

Below are some of our past Data Impact Blog posts and case studies that touch on this broad area. There are also links to key data sets that are used.

Data Impact Blog Posts and Case Studies

Data Impact Fellows

Our Data Impact Fellows scheme provides support for Early Career Researchers in the academic and charity sectors who are starting out on their data impact journey.

The scheme offers Fellows a bursary to fund impact-related activities, an opportunity to meet other Fellows to share and develop their ideas for pursuing pathways to impact, and the chance to communicate their research and impact work through our Data Impact blog.

This year our Fellows will be working in one or more of the areas of poverty, deprivation, cost-of-living, housing or homelessness.

Applications for the 2023 cohort of Data Impact Fellows which be launching on 09 January 2023.

2019 Data Impact Fellows