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Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys User Conference 2023

2 Feb 2023 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Are you interested in research using the UK Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys? Do you want to know the latest developments in the data?

This annual conference, organised by the UK Data Service, is free to attend and will be held online.

The user conference brings data producers and data users together to share updates on the development of the surveys and to showcase research that is being carried out using the data. The programme will contain a mixture of presentations from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and researchers who use data from the UK Labour Force Survey (LFS) and Annual Population Survey (APS).

This year the conference also includes a keynote presentation by Richard Blundell, Ricardo Professor of Political Economy, UCL on Inequality, Redistribution and Wage Progression.

Follow the event on Twitter: #LFSAPS23


Event resources


Research paper abstracts

Keynote presentation: Inequality, Redistribution and Wage Progression, Richard Blundell

Keynote recording

Presentation: Update on the Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys, Martina Helme

Presentation: Update on the Transformed Labour Force Survey, James Harris

Data producer recording 

Presentation: Can workers still climb the social ladder as middling jobs become scarce? Evidence from two British cohorts, Fabien Petit, Cecilia García-Peñalosa and Tanguy van Ypersele

Presentation: Trends in women in the engineering workforce between 2010 and 2021, Marie Horton

Parallel research talks: Session 3a recording

Presentation: Long-term trends in part-time work in the UK, Rachel Scarfe

Presentation: Decomposing the disability employment gaps in the UK: The role of education, Mark Bryan, Andrew Bryce, Jennifer Roberts, and Cristina Sechel

Presentation: Measuring the impact of Brexit on migration to Wales: from 2016 referendum to 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Nuo Jin

Parallel research talks: Session 3b recording

Presentation: UK freeports monitoring and evaluation: Innovative PowerBI APS dashboard, Lorena Cruz Serrano and Csaba Pogonyi

Presentation: Segmented Labour Markets in the UK: A Machine Learning Approach, Chris Martin and Magdalyn Okolo

Parallel research talks: Session 4a recording 

Presentation: Investigation of the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on the wellbeing of the British population using APS data, Malgorzata Wojtys and Ayotunde Akinwande

Presentation: Subjective wellbeing in different occupations in UK in 2012-2022, Simona Tenaglia

Parallel research talks: Session 4b recording