Apply to access controlled data in SecureLab

COVID-19 update: To enable continued research access during the pandemic, please follow the normal SecureLab application process. Following project approval, you may apply for temporary home-working access to specific datasets through an additional short form and agreement.

Information on how to apply is available on our Covid-19 SecureLab home-working page.

  1. There are slightly different application requirements depending on whether you want to access ONS data, non-ONS data or the Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL). This is because there are variations in the legal gateways to access those data.
  2. We recommend you complete our Safe Researcher training (SRT) to become an Accredited Researcher (AR) first, then provide evidence for the other application requirements.
  3. To access data from multiple data providers, please follow the guidance on who to apply to first, as this will speed up access.
  4. The process is also different depending on whether you are applying alone, or as part of a team.
  5. Controlled data are not generally available to students, but there are rare exceptions.
  6. And finally, your organisation will need to accept legal responsibility for your data access.
  7. [All controlled data application processes are determined by the data you would like to access and the legal gateways for access to those data (whether the Digital Economy Act (2017); UK GDPR or the Smart Energy Code). It is not determined by the UK Data Service.]

Which secure data application process?

Different application pathways set by data providers and legislative requirements mean there are slight variations in application processes. Please check carefully which pathway you need to follow.