Second address in the 2021/22 Census

What questions were asked on second address?

In England and Wales respondents were asked if they stayed at another address for more than 30 days a year and what that address is.Example questions 6 and 7
In Scotland and Northern Ireland questions identified students and those in full-time education and whether they lived somewhere in term-time.

Examples questions 5 and 6

How do the questions transfer to variables and tables?

There will be two variables derived from the census return in England and Wales. The first is whether the respondent lived somewhere else the year before, the second the type of address. In Scotland and Northern Ireland this will be restricted to home address for those studying away at an education institution. There will also be flow data released with the primary and secondary address alongside other variables.

How does it compare to previous censuses?

In England and Wales, the addition of the type of second address is new as is the flow data.

What impact might the COVID pandemic have had on second address?

Those who had a second address related to work this arrangement might have changed as a result of working from home.  There might also be cases where a new second address was acquired to support these arrangements.  Whilst students may not have been living at their term-time accommodation the census instructions were to use this and adjustments were made to data returns to reflect the term-time address.

Variable categories

Table 1 – MIGRANT_IND_5A

Code Description
0 Address one year ago is the same as the address of enumeration
1 Address one year ago is student term-time or boarding school address in the UK
2 Migrant from within the UK: Address one year ago was in the UK
3 Migrant from outside the UK: Address one year ago was outside the UK
-8 Does not apply


Code Description
1 Armed forces base address
2 Another address when working away from home
3 Holiday home
4 Student’s term-time address
5 Student’s home address
6 Another parent or guardian’s address
7 Partner’s address
8 Other
9 Second address type not specified
-8 Does not apply