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University of Essex, UK Data Archive, Faculty of Social Sciences   The UK Data Archive is looking for an IT Service Desk Manager (ITSDM), which is a critical role in the UK Data Archive’s IT Service Management (ITSM) operation. You will manage the IT Service Desk, which is the primary point of engagement between customers […]

Read about the latest data collections, impact and upcoming training in our May 2022 newsletter. Subscribe to receive future UK Data Service newsletters direct to your mailbox. (Unsubscribe at any time). Key features: more interviews in our podcast series, the Experts’ Expert, as we discuss how we continue to enable data skills training and research to […]

The world is entering a period of increased uncertainty about the security, affordability and sustainability of our energy supplies. The ability to analyse changes in domestic energy consumption quickly and accurately may help us as a society to address problems, such as fuel poverty, more effectively. Researchers at the Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) are […]

Last year, we celebrated the launch of the SafePod Network, a new UKRI-ESRC service that provides standardised safe settings (SafePods) across the UK to enable accredited researchers to access secure data without the need to travel to safe rooms, miles from home. UKDS SecureLab joined the network together with the Office for National Statistics SRS […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8930 Understanding Society: Partnership and Fertility Histories, UK part of the GGP Harmonized Histories: Waves 1-9, 2009-2019: Special Licence Access SN 855536 Infants Prenatally Exposed to SARS‑CoV‑2 Show the Absence of Fidgety Movements and Are at Higher Risk for Neurological Disorders: A Comparative Study, 2020-2021 SN 855550 COVID-19: Human […]

Are you proud of how you are using data in a dissertation this year? If so, enter this year’s UK Data Service undergraduate Dissertation Award. Three winners will receive a prize of £300 and publicity about their work. The award is open to students who have completed a dissertation on a social science topic and […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8937 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2016 SN 8936 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2015 SN 8935 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2014 SN 8934 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2013 SN 8933 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2012 SN 8932 Young People and Gambling Survey, 2011 SN 855606 The Role of Onomatopoeia […]

University of Essex, UK Data Archive, Faculty of Social Sciences   The UK Data Archive is offering an exciting, high-profile opportunity to help shape the data services landscape. You will be responsible for the strategic development and delivery of the Access and Collections Development functions of the UK Data Service. You will join the team […]

University of Manchester, Cathie Marsh Institute (CMI), Faculty of Humanities   The Cathie Marsh Institute wish to appoint a Grade 6 Research Associate to join the UK Data Service at the Cathie Marsh Institute (CMI). You will be a member of the User Support and Training team, specialising in government survey microdata and census microdata. […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8929 Active Lives Children and Young People Survey, 2020-2021 SN 8926 Centre for Social Investigation Brexit Panel, 2017-2019 SN 855556 Public Petitions to the House of Commons, 1780-1918 SN 855577 Interviews with UK Global Challenges Researchers and Overseas Collaborators on Embedding Mental Health Impact in Their Work Across Sustainable […]

University of Essex, UK Data Archive, Faculty of Social Sciences   The UK Data Archive is pleased to announce vacancies for two Senior User Support and Training Officers within the UK Data Service. These posts will support researcher activity relating to use of our social science data collection and within our busy Secure Lab (a […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8928 Annual Population Survey, January – December, 2021 SN 8927 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, November, 2021 – January, 2022 SN 4814 World Bank World Development Indicators SN 855557 Manufacturing Renaissance in Industrial Regions: Firm Interviews and Survey, 2019-2020 The following new editions have been released: SN 6721 Annual Population […]

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