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The following new datasets have been released: SN 9148 Annual Population Survey Household Dataset, January – December, 2022 SN 9146 Oxford Internet Survey, 2019 SN 9151 Oxford Internet Survey, 2013 SN 9147 Understanding Society: UKMOD Input Data, 2010-2019: Special Licence Access SN 9130 Healthy Ageing in Scotland: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study, 2021-2022 SN 9145 […]

The UK Data Service was delighted to attend the Royal Statistical Society’s 2023 International Conference on 4-7 September in Harrogate. The conference is the UK’s annual showcase for statistics and data science, bringing together delegates from around the world to share knowledge and learn about the latest developments in the field. The programme aimed to […]

A new dataset from the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity shows disturbing ethnic inequalities in rates of financial hardship in the UK. In the three months leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 40% of people surveyed from the Arab, Any Other background, and Mixed White and Black African background all reported that they […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 9135 Annual Population Survey Two-Year Longitudinal Dataset, January 2021 – December 2022 SN 9142 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, Household Dataset, April – June, 2023 SN 856641 Company, Group, Patent and Inventor Data for Pharmaceuticals, 1988-2015 SN 856656 Interviews With Older Individuals Living With Acquired Brain Injury and Undergoing Physical […]

University of Essex, UK Data Archive, Faculty of Social Sciences The UK Data Archive is looking to appoint a Senior Systems Engineer to develop, monitor and continuously improve our IT infrastructure as we migrate to cloud services over the next three years. The post holder should have good all-round data skills, ideally with some programming […]

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) 2023 International Conference takes place in Harrogate from 4-7 September. With over 500 attendees coming from around 30 countries, the Conference offers an ideal space for data scientists and statisticians from all over the world to exchange knowledge, explore new research developments and share best practice. The list of prestigious […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 9121 Survey of Personal Incomes, 2020-2021: Public Use Tape SN 9122 International Passenger Survey, 2022 SN 9125 Participation Survey, 2022–2023 SN 9126 Participation Survey, 2022-2023: Open Access SN 9131 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, April – June, 2023 SN 9127 Understanding Society: Linked Nest Auto-enrolment Pensions Dataset, 2014-2022: […]

We provide access to a wide range of social science data for reuse. To help you get the most from our service, we run free introductory level online workshops every spring and autumn to introduce different aspects of the UK Data Service. Our training series workshops in autumn 2023 are listed below and you can […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 9109 Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, 2018 SN 9061 Domestic Abuse Harnessing Learning Under COVID-19, 2021 SN 9114 Fulfilling Lives: Supporting People Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage, 2014–2022 SN 9118 Ageing Better, 2015-2020 SN 9119 Annual Population Survey Three-Year Pooled Dataset, January 2020 – December 2022 SN 856596 Smartline Environmental Sensor […]

University of Essex, UK Data Archive, Faculty of Social Sciences We are seeking to appoint an IT Technical Access Analyst to join the Technical Services Team of the UK Data Archive. This section provides support for the critical needs of the other divisions in the UK Data Archive by installing, commissioning, configuring, developing, maintaining and […]

The UK Data Service is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s UK Data Service Dissertation Award. The award celebrates undergraduate dissertations based on the use of archived data available through the UK Data Service. This year, Paula Surridge, Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Bristol and Dr Alita Nandi, Associate Director […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 9117 Annual Population Survey, April 2022 – March 2023 SN 856464 Computer Mouse Tracking Studies of Adult Belief Processing, 2021-2022 SN 856543 Cultural Constructions of Fighting Birds: The Cockfight World in the Canary Islands, 2016–2018 SN 856556 Autistic Adults Online: Understanding and Enabling Autistic Sociality in Digital Networking Environments, 2020-2023 […]

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