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The following new datasets have been released: SN 8851 English Housing Survey, 2018: Housing Stock Data: Special Licence Access SN 8850 British Social Attitudes Survey, 2019, Poverty and Welfare: Open Access Teaching Dataset SN 8849 British Social Attitudes Survey, 2017, Environment and Politics: Open Access Teaching Dataset SN 8848 Next Steps: Linked Administrative Datasets (Student Loans Company […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8842 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, 2018-2020: Special Licence Access, Self-Completion Data SN 8846 Annual Population Survey, July 2020 – June 2021 SN 8840 Annual Population Survey Two-Year Longitudinal Dataset, January 2018 – December 2019 SN 8839 Annual Population Survey Two-Year Longitudinal Dataset, January 2017 – December 2018 SN 8838 Annual Population […]

New datasets released SN 8843 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, 2020 SN 855152 Research Use in Schools Collaboration, 2016-2019 SN 855108 High-Frequency Risk-Neutral Density Reactions to the Federal Open Market Committee Announcement in March 2015, 2017 SN 854993 Inner London Dwelling Dimensions Dataset, 2017-2018 SN 854910 Community Dialogue Approach to Address Antibiotic Resistance in Bangladesh, 2017-2018 SN 854599 Smart Urban […]

Looking for new datasets for teaching? The UK Data Service offers new teaching datasets from major UK Surveys.

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