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The following new datasets have been released: SN 8992 Research on the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland, 2019-2021 SN 9001 UCL COVID-19 Social Study, 2020-2022 SN 9011 National Survey for Wales, 2021-2022 SN 9013 Participation Survey, 2021–22: Open Access SN 9012 Participation Survey, 2021–22 SN 9015 Kids’ Life and Times Survey, 2022 SN 9009 Young Life […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 9010 Annual Population Survey, July 2021 – June 2022 SN 9006 Annual Population Survey Three-Year Pooled Dataset, January 2019 – December 2021 SN 855886 Interviews With Mexico City Market Traders Regarding the Adoption of Digital Technologies and Practices for Political Purposes, 2022 SN 853311 EEG, behavioural, and physiological responses […]

The second release of census data by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) is now released through UK Data Service for research use. This release includes key univariate statistics for: ethnicity country of birth passports held religion religion or religion brought up in national identity language. Univariate statistics consist of data on one […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 9005 British Social Attitudes Survey, 2020 SN 9007 Young Lives: Head Teacher Telephone Survey, Ethiopia and India, 2020 SN 9004 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, 2021 SN 8998 Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, January – June, 2022 SN 8999 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, April – […]

The following new editions have been released: SN 6689 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, 1997-2021: Secure Access SN 4557 Great Britain Historical Database: Census Data: Marital Status Statistics, 1931 SN 8649 Health Survey for England, 2018 SN 8910 National Referral Mechanism and Duty to Notify Statistics, 2014-2022 SN 855460 Wired into Each Other: Network Dynamics […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8996 Commercial Victimisation Survey, 2021 SN 8993 Active Lives Adults Survey, 2020-2021 SN 8991 Annual Population Survey, April 2021 – March 2022 SN 8990 Understanding Society: Innovation Panel Life Events Study, 2020 SN 8995 Great Britain Historical Database: Census Data Housing Tenure Statistics, 1961-1971 SN 8994 Great […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8988 Understanding Society: Calendar Year Dataset, 2020 SN 8987 Understanding Society: Calendar Year Dataset, 2020: Special Licence Access SN 855476 Future of Legal Gender: Survey and Interview Data, 2018-2022 SN 855860 ASPIRE COVID-19: Work Package 2 National Satekholders Interviews, United Kingdom, 2020-2021 SN 855751 Bereavement During COVID-19 […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8989 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, March – May, 2022 SN 8985 Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence: Covid-19 Phone Survey, 2020-2021 SN 855226 Uncovering the Environment: The Use of Public Access to Environmental Information, 2018-2019 SN 854386 Effects of Visual Cues on the Lexical Boost Effect in Structural […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8984 Annual Population Survey Two-Year Longitudinal Dataset, January 2020 – December 2021 SN 8982 Individual Survey for Evaluation of Armenia Women’s Empowerment Project, 2015 SN 8981 Household Survey for Evaluation of Bolivia Livelihoods Resilience Project, 2015 SN 8980 Household Survey for Evaluation of Chad Resilience and Food […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8983 Community Mental Health Service User Survey, 2021 SN 8973 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, February – April, 2022 SN 8941 Food Poverty in the UK: An Anthropological Study in North London and South Wales, 2014-2019 SN 8967 Surrey Communication and Language in Education Study: Screening Data, 2012 […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8971 Cyber Security Breaches Survey: Combined Dataset, 2016-2022 SN 8970 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 2022 SN 8969 Cyber Security Longitudinal Survey: Wave 1, 2021 SN 8965 Derivation Matrices for the Former Official Measures of Social Class, 2000, 2010 and 2020 SN 8963 Smart Energy Research Lab: Statistical […]

The following new datasets have been released: SN 8962 Health Survey for England, 2019: Special Licence Access SN 8961 Health Survey for England, 2018: Special Licence Access SN 8964 2021 Census: Aggregate Data SN 8948 Family Resources Survey, 2020-2021 SN 855583 Conversational Alignment in Children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition and Typically Developing Children, 2017-2022 SN […]

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