July 2021

How will I know the service has returned to normal?

Please check our COVID-19 service page for any changes to our services.

Will the training webinars continue?

Yes.  We continue to deliver our training webinars as usual.  See the calendar of training for up to date information.

Will face-to-face training continue?

No.  Any scheduled face-to-face training has temporarily moved online.  This includes Safe Researcher Training (SRT).

Can I still access the physical Safe Room at the University of Essex?

No. Access requirements to use the Secure Lab have been changed temporarily during COVID-19. Access to the physical Safe Room at the University of Essex is suspended due to government advice for staff to work at home.

Please see how to access non-ONS data or ONS secure data and some selected projects in our COVID-19 help section.

Can I still contact the SecureLab teams to discuss my application or project?

First, please check our guidance and COVID-19 SecureLab FAQs.

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact us via the online help forms for most day to day queries.

To discuss existing SecureLab applications, please email us and ensure you only use one email trail with your project ID in the subject line of the trail – multiple email trails and missing project IDs can cause confusion and further delays to your application.

Please note that although we are trying to operate as normal a service as possible, all our staff are still working from home and we are unable to offer a telephone service at this time. We would ask you to be patient with us during this time, and please do not submit a new online help form for existing queries as processing duplicate enquires will lead to further delays.