July 2021

To continue safe research during the pandemic, you must still meet the correct application criteria and follow the correct application process to use SecureLab data.

Additional application measures have been agreed with ONS to enable continued research access to SecureLab throughout the pandemic whilst mitigating risks posed by people working outside their institutional environments.

SecureLab Application process from home

  1. Evidence you are a formally Accredited Researcher and meet the compulsory criteria to access SecureLab under ‘normal’ working conditions.
  2. Each project must have its own application submission. Download, complete and submit an application to ONS for temporary home-working access for each project via SRS.Customer.Support@ons.gov.uk. Requests will be considered regularly by ONS. Each application will need to demonstrate how it meets both sets of criteria around a) the project purpose and b) urgency and timescales.
  3. Prepare screenshots of the following evidence from your home device and submit all at once to secureforms@ukdataservice.ac.uk
  4. a) The web page at: https://www.whatismyip.com/my-ip-information/

    b) For Windows, the output of running the command “ipconfig /all” in Command Prompt, or for Mac/Linux, the output of running the command “ifconfig -a” in Terminal

    c) A description and evidence of your approved VPN, provided by your institution’s IT support department – this must include type of VPN; authentication technology used; what kind of measures are in place to prevent and detect unauthorised access attempts, and what measures are in place to check compliance of endpoints connecting to the VPN.

    d) Written confirmation from your IT support department that any information security incidents involving your actions, the VPN, or your office or home PC will be reported to the UK Data Service.

    e) Screenshots of the operating system and antivirus update status of your device that verify the device is receiving regular updates.

  5. Only after your application is approved and all the evidence requested above is ready to submit, complete and return the Secure Access additional agreement: COVID-19 temporary home working for ONS data. If you do not follow this process additional access delays will occur.
  6. If you want to apply to access non-ONS secure data as well, you must first apply for ONS secure data then apply for non-ONS access afterwards.
  7. You will then be permitted to use your organisationally/institutionally approved method of remotely accessing your organisational/institutional office computer, at the location specified in your application, and using only the IP address we have on record.

Permitted ONS datasets, following successful application

ONS permit continued safe access to the datasets listed below from home temporarily, with the above conditions and additional application process being completed. This applies only to our current response to COVID-19 measures where users are unable to travel to their work site.

Use of data from home not listed will constitute a breach of the agreement. List updated 25 August 2022.

UK Statistics Authority agreement for Secure Lab access to ONS data Study number (SN) Study
Office for National Statistics (ONS) 6644 Annual Respondents Database, 1973-2008: Secure Access
6664 Annual Inquiry into Foreign Direct Investment, 1996-2017: Secure Access
6689 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, 1997-2019: Secure Access
6690 Business Expenditure on Research and Development, 1995-2017: Secure Access
6697 Business Structure Database, 1997-2018: Secure Access
6698 Capital Stock Dataset, 1979 – 2005: Secure Access
6699 UK Innovation Survey, 1994-2016: Secure Access
6700 E-commerce Survey, 2001-2017: Secure Access
6701 Investment in Intangible Assets Survey, 2009-2010: Secure Access
6702 Monthly Wages and Salaries Survey, 2000-2019: Secure Access
6704 New Earnings Survey, 1986-2002: Secure Access
6705 National Employer Skills Survey, 1999-2009: Secure Access
6706 New Earnings Survey Panel Dataset, 1975-2016: Secure Access
6707 Occupational Pension Scheme Survey, 2006-2015: Secure Access
6708 Quarterly Capital Expenditure Survey, 1998-2014: Secure Access
6709 Wealth and Assets Survey, Waves 1-5, 2006-2016: Secure Access
6711 International Trade in Services, 1996-2017: Secure Access
6712 Workplace Employment Relations Survey: 1998-2011: Secure Access
6716 General Lifestyle Survey, 2000-2011: Secure Access
6721 Annual Population Survey, 2004-2019: Secure Access
6725 Annual Population Survey Household, 2004-2018: Secure Access
6726 Monthly Production Inquiry, 1997-2009: Secure Access
6727 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, 1992-2019: Secure Access
6729 Products of the European Community, 1997-2017: Secure Access
6747 Monthly Inquiry into the Distribution and Services Sector, 1997-2009: Secure Access
6839 Workplace Employment Relations Survey: Annual Respondents Database Linked Datasets, 2002-2004: Secure Access
6840 Workplace Employment Relations Survey: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings Linked Dataset, 2004: Secure Access
6856 Small Business Survey, 2010-2012: Secure Access
6857 Scottish Employer Skills Survey, 2008-2010: Secure Access
6860 Scottish Register of Employment, 1950-1993: Secure Access
6894 DECC Low Emissions R&D Survey, 2008: Secure Access
6898 Quarterly Fuels Inquiry, 1998-2015: Secure Access
7022 Prices Survey Microdata, 1996-2019: Secure Access
7047 Living Costs and Food Survey, 2006-2018: Secure Access
7113 English Business Survey, 2011-2012: Secure Access
7155 MQ5: Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts, 1997-2017: Secure Access
7280 Crime Survey for England and Wales, 1996-2018: Secure Access
7303 Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, 2010: Secure Access
7311 Crime Survey for England and Wales, 2011-2018: Secure Access, Low-Level Geographic Data
7421 Vacancy Survey, 2005-2019: Secure Access
7451 Annual Business Survey, 2008-2017: Secure Access
7463 Business Register and Employment Survey, 2009-2018: Secure Access
7674 Labour Force Survey Household Datasets, 2002-2019: Secure Access
7675 Student Income and Expenditure Survey, 2012: Secure Access
7683 Business Structure Database Longitudinal, 1997-2013: Secure Access
7745 Employer Skills Survey, 2011-2017: Secure Access
7755 Monthly Business Survey, 2011-2018: Secure Access
7882 Quarterly Acquisitions and Disposals of Capital Assets Survey, 2015-2016: Secure Access
7908 Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, April 2001 – September 2019: Secure Access
7909 Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July 2010 – September 2019: Secure Access
7915 Research into the Barriers to Take-up and Use of Business Support, 2011: Secure Access
7961 Annual Population Survey: Well-Being, April 2011 – March 2015: Secure Access
7989 Annual Respondents Database X, 1998-2014: Secure Access
8043 Births Registrations in England and Wales, 1982-2017: Secure Access
8057 Experimental Dataset of Firm-Level Capital Stocks, 1979-2010: Secure Access
8075 Integrated Household Survey, 2009-2014: Secure Access
8076 Life Opportunities Survey, 2009-2014: Secure Access
8077 National Survey of Bereaved People, 2011-2015: Secure Access
8097 2001 Census: Household Sample of Anonymised Records (HSAR): Secure Access
8120 Which Burglary Security Devices Work for Whom and in What Context? 2013-2015: Secure Access
8182 Management Practices Survey, 2015: Secure Access
8200 Death Registrations in England and Wales, 1993-2018: Secure Access
8206 Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy Survey, 2014-2017: Secure Access
8248 1981 Census Microdata for Great Britain: 9% Sample: Secure Access
8251 Quarterly Survey of Financial Assets and Liabilities, 2014-2016: Secure Access
8253 Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 1977-2016: Secure Access
8261 Longitudinal Small Business Survey, 2015-2017: Secure Access
8263 Survey of Innovation and Patent Use, 2013-2015: Secure Access
8271 1971 Census Microdata for Great Britain: 9% Sample: Secure Access
8275 1961 Census Microdata for Great Britain: 9% Sample: Secure Access
8276 London Business Survey, 2014: Secure Access
8457 Longitudinal Inter-Departmental Business Register, 2007-2017: Secure Access
8557 Management and Expectations Survey, 2016: Secure Access
8558 Annual Purchases Survey, 2015-2017: Secure Access
8560 Foreign Direct Investment, 2012-2016: Secure Access
8653 Business Insights and Conditions Survey: Waves 1-61, 2020-2022: Secure Access
8807 Monthly Business Survey for Construction and Allied Trades, 2010-2020: Secure Access
8811 Ofsted: State-Funded Schools Inspections and Outcomes, 2009-2019: Secure Access
8873 Annual Survey of Goods and Services, 2017-2019: Secure Access
8912 Short-Term Employment Surveys, 2020-2022: Secure Access
8913 UK Gross Value Added for Lower Layer Super Output Areas, 1998-2019: Secure Access
8944 Over 50s Lifestyle Study, February 2022: Secure Access