July 2021

Once you can provide evidence that you meet all the criteria to access SecureLab under normal conditions and your project has been formally approved, there are some additional criteria and requirements to enable temporary home access.

There are two distinct application processes and protocols, one for ONS data, the other for non-ONS data.

Both processes have different criteria which must be met before the data owners will grant research access. The UK Data Service liaises closely with the data owners in both pathways, saving researchers significant time and money to access the data they need.

Any incomplete applications or delays in responses will result in further delays or a refusal from data owners for researchers to access the data.

If you want to use both ONS and non-ONS secure data, you must apply to use the ONS data first.

SecureLab application criteria and process¬†under ‘normal’ working conditions.

More guidance

Accessing SecureLab FAQs during the pandemic.