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UK Data Service has web pages to aid researchers looking specifically for data on particular themes:

  • ageing


    Ageing is the accumulation of a wide range of changes experienced by a person over time, including physical, psychological, and social factors. In particular, given the rise in life expectancy, there has been increasing focus on the social factors of ageing e.g. longer working hours, pensions, issues related to heath and quality of life. Equally, social inequalities caused by increasing longevity also raise a complex set of challenges for policy makers. The UK Data Service holds a variety of data collections related to ageing, from key government and longitudinal surveys to international indicators and qualitative historical interviews.

  • law

    Crime and social control

    'Crime' encompasses a wide range of issues that lie within the remit of several academic disciplines, including sociology, psychology, law and economics. As a theme, crime may cover various topics, ranging from contemporary concerns over youth gangs and anti-social behaviour, through ‘white collar’ and corporate crime, including crimes against the environment, to serious violence. Crime-related data held by the UK Data Service include not only national crime surveys (which themselves cover diverse issues such as identity theft and alcohol-related disorder in the night-time economy) but also illegal drug use, workers in the criminal justice system, football hooliganism and community policing in Africa.

  • educationSm


    Education is a key factor in shaping an individual’s life chances. It not only determines later employment chances, but also living and housing conditions, nutrition and health, participation in social life, friends and partner options and, finally, the educational opportunities and achievements of our own children. Education is commonly regarded as the key to remaining competitive in a constantly changing, globalised world, as it is the key to meet the demands of a ‘knowledge-based economy’. The UK Data Service holds a wide and rich range of data collections suitable to shed light on all sorts of education-related research questions, from key longitudinal studies to international microdata, government data and qualitative data collections.

  • environmentSm

    Environment and energy

    Climate change and environmental sustainability are fundamental policy and research priorities worldwide. The long term effects of human activities on intricate planetary systems have become public issues of much concern and debate. Policy makers are expected to balance pressures on land and natural resources with the preservation of ecosystems. So, what shapes the mutual constitution of nature and society and how can these complex relationships be measured? An understanding of the interactions between society and the natural environment at all levels, local, regional, national and trans-national, is critical for the development of sustainable societies, and the UK Data Service provides access to data ranging from household energy use to global databanks on greenhouse gas emissions, conservation and the production and consumption of oil, gas and electricity worldwide.

  • health

    Health and health behaviour

    Health and health behaviour covers a wide range of topics and cuts across many academic disciplines. Data have been collected and are made available via the UK Data Service on topics as varied as the experience of illness, child development, access to care, lifestyle behaviour, subjective physical and mental well-being, diet and nutrition, immunisation programmes and attitudes towards health service provision. Data on health and health behaviour can cover not only a person’s status, behaviour, attitudes and expectations but also the provision of health care, including the mechanics of policy making, government expenditure and service coverage.

  • Item Image

    Housing and the local environment

    Housing conditions and the quality of the local environment play a large role in quality of life. Health and well-being can be affected by poor housing conditions such as damp or overcrowding and also by factors related to the local area, for example levels of deprivation, access to services, contact with neighbours or the fear of crime. Good quality homes and local surroundings are important factors in ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Many of the data sources held by the UK Data Service contain information on these topics.

  • Item Image

    Labour market

    Employment is a fundamental feature of social life. At the macro level, labour costs, employment rates and industrial and occupational patterns have considerable impact on the character and prosperity of nations. At the micro level, individual workers sell labour in markets according to their personal capital and circumstances. In turn, their relationship to the labour market affects their movements, time use, resources available to them, and their well-being. The UK Data Service holds a full range of employment and labour market data from key government and longitudinal surveys to international indicators and qualitative historical interviews.

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