Terms and conditions of access

All users are required to agree to the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of data.

Open data do not require users to be registered with the UK Data Service but may be subject to an Open Government Licence (OGL) or a Creative Commons Licence (CC). Refer to our Open access data page for details of our Open data collections.

Safeguarded and Controlled data require users to be registered with the UK Data Service. Users who register have to accept our End User Licence (EUL) which is agreed to during the registration process.

Safeguarded data:

  • Standard access: Applies to the majority of our data collections and only requires user and project registration. These data are fully anonymised.
  • Special Conditions: Some data collections are subject to additional conditions of access such as: depositor permission required; or the user's agreement to a special condition during the download process.
  • Special Licence: Data collections that contain more detailed information require users to complete a set of Special Licence forms.

Controlled data:

  • Data collections that are only accessible via the Secure Lab are subject to additional conditions of access such as the completion of special forms and attending a training course.
End User Licence

The full description of our terms and conditions is available from our End User Licence.

The summary below is for general guidance and you must read and understand the full EUL before agreeing to it. By accepting it you agree:

  1. to use the data in accordance with the EUL and to notify the UK Data Service of any non-compliance you are aware of
  2. not to use the data for commercial purposes without obtaining permission and, where relevant, an appropriate licence if commercial use of the data is required
  3. that the EUL does not transfer any interest in intellectual property to you
  4. that the EUL and data collections are provided without warranty or liability of any kind
  5. to abide by any further conditions notified to you
  6. to give access to the data collections only to registered users with a registered use (who have accepted the terms and conditions, including any relevant further conditions). There are some exceptions regarding the use of data collections for teaching and the use of data collections for Commercial purposes set out in an additional Commercial Licence
  7. to ensure that the means of access to the data (such as passwords) are kept secure and not disclosed to anyone else
  8. to preserve the confidentiality of, and not attempt to identify, individuals, households or organisations in the data
  9. to use the correct methods of citation and acknowledgement in publications
  10. to send the UK Data Service bibliographic details of any published work based on our data collections
  11. that personal data about you may be held for validation and statistical purposes and to manage the service, and that these will only be passed on to the following, in specific circumstances: the data collection depositor, your own institute or your research funder
  12. to notify the UK Data Service of any errors discovered in the data collections
  13. that personal data submitted by you are accurate to the best of your knowledge and kept up to date by you
  14. to meet any charges that may apply
  15. to offer for deposit any new data collections which have been derived from the materials supplied
  16. will destroy all copies of the data to the standards specifield in point 1.16
  17. will ensure that the data are destroyed to the standards specified in the Research Data Handling and Security: Guide for Users (PDF)
  18. that any non-compliance of the EUL will lead to immediate termination of your access to the services and could result in legal action against you
Special Conditions
Special Licence
Controlled data

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