What we do with your data

Once your data collection is received by us, we email you to confirm receipt and undertake the following checks to prepare your data for archiving and sharing.

Safeguarding your data

The UK Data Archive, based at the University of Essex, is the organisation that houses and hosts the data.

Since 2010, the Archive has been certified under the international ISO 27001 standard for information security. A number of government departments have also carried out surveillance visits to the Archive to clarify our information security regime.

Our Information Security Management System supports all aspects of digital curation carried out in-house, such as the selection, acquisition, ingesting, archiving, provision of access to data, and the management and planning of digital curation. The certification allows us to handle secure data on-site and supports secure remote access to these research-rich data.

In house, data are classified according to their level of detail, sensitivity and confidentiality. Appropriate data handling and access safeguards are also in place.

Contact us if your department needs more information about our accreditation and security arrangements.