Once the deposit licence agreement has been signed, and the deposit form submitted, the data and supporting documentation can be securely transferred. We are unable to receive data before a deposit licence agreement is in place.

The process for submitting your data deposit happens via a file transfer service (instructions below). It is separate to other data access issues related to your UK Data Service account.

Submit data and documentation files

  • Consult locally on your department’s or organisation’s own preferred method of data delivery.
  • Our preferred method of transfer is using the University of Essex ZendTo Service, addressing the deposit to the email account “ukdscoll@essex.ac.uk” and noting the study title or depositor surname in the dropbox description.
  • All data sent to us should be password-protected.
  • Data files that contain sensitive or personal information must be encrypted and labelled appropriately (our preferred term for labelling is ‘restricted’ but if you use another convention let us know in advance).

Keeping in touch

Please direct any correspondence about the deposit via email to the collections development team.

Please let us know if any of the contact details for the deposit change so that we can update our records.