Make your data available within three months of your award ending

ReShare is the UK Data Service’s online data repository, where researchers can archive, publish and share research data, as open or safeguarded data.

Collections of data and accompanying documentation can be submitted after registering with the UK Data Service.

ESRC grant holders are expected to make the research data that result from their grant available for reuse, as set out in the ESRC Research Data Policy. The data can be made available via ReShare or an appropriate responsible digital repository within three months of the end of their grant. ESRC grant holders must provide a metadata record for resource discovery via the UK Data Service’s self-deposit repository ReShare to maximise the discoverability of ESRC data assets.

Datasets described in a data paper or data descriptor in a peer-reviewed journal, such as Scientific Data and the Research Data Journal, can be deposited directly into ReShare.

We also provide information on managing and depositing data relating to your award.

How to submit data to ReShare

For detailed instructions on using ReShare please see the ReShare guidance.
We have also produced two PDF documents to guide you through the process of depositing your data with ReShare.

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