Researchers can share their syntax by depositing in ReShare

Sharing your syntax enables other researchers to:

  • Better understand and replicate your results.
  • Use existing open-source resources for their research.
  • Reduce analysis time and duplication.

Whether you create SPSS syntax, Stata do-files, R scripts or other types of data code you are encouraged to share these with the research community and this can be done using our self-deposit repository ReShare.

Please ensure to include supporting documentation to describe the syntax/code file(s); this should be deposited along with the syntax/code file(s) and include information, such as the citations of the data used, the programming language (and version used), plus the date and project name. If you have already published the syntax/code elsewhere (such as GitHub), you can create a metadata record in ReShare and link the location of the syntax/code under Related Resources.

Once we receive your code/syntax we carry out checks to ensure:

  • Metadata is included at the top of the file – author(s), date, version of software used.
  • Full citation, including DOIs, of the dataset(s) used is included.
  • There are no disclosure risk concerns, e.g. comments do not include any personal/sensitive information, plus there are no references to individual observations.

If you would like more information on sharing code, please get in touch via our online form.