Teaching with data

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"Real data bring learning to life"

We believe that the use of data in teaching is an invaluable way for learners to confront real-life research. The data collections:

  • constitute well-documented examples of real-life data collection allowing students to engage critically with methods and methodologies
  • provide rewarding raw material for data analysis teaching of all types
  • can be used to enrich substantive teaching with evidence that can be interrogated

Teaching with data video tutorial

View our video tutorial highlighting the various resources available for teaching.

Register your class

Most of the data in our collection are only available to registered users. Find out how to register your students and share data with them here.

Teaching resources

Access datasets specifically designed for teachers and learners, workbooks and other resources.


Britain by numbers teaching resources. The resource sets come with quizzes, answers, worksheets and slides. Ideal for schools and colleges.

Ideas for teaching

Get ideas and inspiration in our teaching with data exemplars. These case studies describe how other teachers have incorporated our resources into their teaching.


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